Difference Between Portable And Transparent Cake Box

Portable Cake Box

The box is suitable for presenting cakes, sandwiches, small cakes, cookies, bread, cream slices, muffins, or desserts for special occasions like weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties. The portable cake boxes are plastic and durable paper. The portable cake boxes are reusable, easy to carry, and easy to wash. The portable box is reusable and available in various colors. These boxes are food grade and non-toxic, keeping the food and putting the cake within a cup for preservation. It has a different shape like a square, triangle, circle, and cup box. The pluggable design allows you to conveniently remove your favorite desserts for a picnic through our bread box. Portable Cake Box also detachable reusable fruit vegetable storage container with hand-held design, refrigerator fresh. It has different prices, low, high, and medium, with different sizes. You can buy this from our online My Gift Tree store at a low price.

Transparent Cake Box

There is protective film on the outside of the transparent box. It seems foggy. The cover is pre-folded. They're covered at the bottom of our package. This value bundle will prevent a fortune considering what the bakery boxes and cake board sets would cost if bought separately. The cake box contains 2 cake carriers each box measures. The box is made from eco-friendly paperboard and material, safe and sturdy. The highest cap and bottom are white, the center a part of the cake box is prominent. Easy to assemble or disassemble. Also, decorate it with a ribbon, name tag, or small ornaments. Perfect for putting cakes, bread shop, dessert, cupcakes, cookies, macaron snack for wedding, christening, anniversary, engagement, birthday, Halloween, Christmas, party decoration, etc. Must be preserved within the box muffins, bride cake, jewelry, cosmetics, makeup, lingerie, watches, flowers, fruits, spices, small art, seashells, chocolates, toys, treats, soap, candles, essential oils. The transparent box is durable, high-quality, and long resistant (26*26*32) cm. You want to buy this transparent cake box order from your nearest online My Gift Tree store at a reasonable price.