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The wholesale balloons are one among the foremost important products in our My Gift Tree store. The automated high-speed cutting machines are wont to prepare the materials accurately. We also use high-end welding and laminating machines to make sure the standard and efficiency of our products. The creative balloons manufacturing to debate all of your wholesale balloon distributor needs. Provided the fitting instructions are followed and balloons have inflated the neck of the balloons. We can also inflate these balloons are by helium, air.  We will use these balloons are widely placed in parks, squares, family gardens, schools, sports arenas, playing centers people can play together and luxuriate in themselves during a super wonderful fun paradise. Welcome to inquiry more about our products. Given below the description for all kinds of wholesale balloons.

  1. The Number Balloon 0-9: The number balloons are available in different sizes, colors. The number balloons are used for birthday, anniversary, and class party’s decoration. The prices are not high all are reasonable price. Here two types number balloon.
  1. Plain foil balloons: The Plain foil balloons are standard foils in large bunches, mixed with crazy foil shapes, or just on their own tied to the rear of a chair. Balloons are sold flat packed not inflated. After buying these balloons you'll inflate them with air or helium. Available colors are red, pink, silver, yellow, gold, rose gold, blue, black, etc. All balloons have different sizes also 16 inches and 34 inches.
  2. Themed foil balloons: Themed foil balloons for adults or children parties. the variability of shapes and styles to suit any occasion. Floated the balloons by air or helium fillable. Please note that each one balloons are going to be delivered. The balloons are print out a stencil of the form you want to form your balloons. These themed balloons are available in 16 or 34 inches in multi-color, printed with star and design. These balloons are mainly latex balloons which are lasting an extended time.
  1. The Letter Balloon: Make a centerpiece from letters, numbers & word balloons. Pick from our pre-set phrases, or write any message you would like by mixing and matching colors. Big statements like these bring scene-stealing show stoppers, and an ingenious thanks to spell the aim of your event. buy these and personalized statement with our letters, number and fancy balloons with cheap price, which is great for office parties, birthdays, and anything. to actually set things off, go giant with massive 40 inches letters. A touch curling ribbon wouldn’t go amiss, only for a touch flourish. The letter balloons are normally used for birthday, wedding, anniversary and different types of occasions and festivals. These balloons are inflated with helium or air. These are long lasting balloon and it has three types given below:
  1. The Plain Foil Letter Balloons: The foil letter balloons are perfect for birthday, wedding, bridal shower, baby shower party decoration. These letters inflated size 34" and deflated size 40". These are reusable it has self-sealing valve for inflating and deflating. It can be inflated by air or helium. Buy this balloon set only £3.99 and reasonable price for all balloons. Available colors are gold, rose gold, gold & silver, blue etc.
  1. The Balloon Set: Order the 72 Pcs rose gold confetti latex Happy Birthday balloon set is confetti latex birthday balloon set from your nearest online My Gift Tree shop. One pack includes 72 Pcs rose gold, gold, pink, silver, yellow color birthday party balloon set with everything needed things. These foil latex balloons are high quality, made of non-toxic and harmless latex. The price is not high it's only £9.99.
  • The Word or Phrase Balloon Set: The best way to attach balloon words or other foil balloons letters to an arch is to use double-sided tape. It Place a strip of tape on the back of the balloon's neck and then fold the neck over itself with the fishing line on the inside. It keeps the time flat and prevents the balloon from twisting and sliding. Order baby shower letter foil balloons from your nearest online My Gift Tree store. The letter foil balloons words are fully new brand. These are plain or plastic bag and more colors printed are blue, pink. You can also buy this balloon for your baby birthday decoration, baby shower decoration etc. Buy The letter foil balloons are only £3.99.
  1. The Party Balloons: Some balloons are used for decorative purposes or entertaining purposes, while others are used for practical purposes like meteorology, medical treatment, military defense, or transportation. All balloons are used for decoration and reasonable price. Different types party balloons are given below:
  1. The plain Latex Balloon Set: These balloons are made of natural latex material, totally biodegradable and Eco-friendly. Thick latex ensures balloons without air leakage. These balloons are perfect for any kinds of parties, such as birthday party, wedding, celebration, Christmas and family gathering etc. Different sizes like 18", 10", 12", 5" and 16" are available with blue, gold, rose gold, multi-color, matte color, yellow colors are available. Buy these balloons are within reasonable prices.
  1. The latex and foil Balloons Set: The latex and foil balloons are looking pretty and perfect for decoration. This balloon is latex and foil which are long lasting. Here different kinds of balloon set which contains many things with available colors like blue, pink, rose gold balloon set. Given example here the mermaid foil balloon is perfect for birthday party, baby shower decoration. This balloon is perfect to be inflated with both air and helium. One pack includes one mermaid birthday balloon banner 13pcs. 24 latex balloons, (1*35) inches mermaid large foil balloon and total 49 pcs items. The party banners are available in purple, light purple, turquoise, white. Buy this mermaid banner only £12.34.
  • Marble Latex Balloons Set: The marble latex balloon set is the unique balloon set and it has contained with colorful ribbon. These set has marble latex vibrant color, metallic style latex shiny chrome vibrant colors, Marble Latex Tie Die Vibrant Colors etc. This helium marble latex tie die vibrant colors balloons are new brand, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail package. It has various color like green, blue, black, pink & multi colored used for any kind occasion and party decoration. Buy this tie die balloon only £12.99.
  1. Confetti Latex Balloons Set: The confetti latex balloons set contains with different colors. These balloon sets are available in different design. Like 60th Balloons Set 15pieces 12inches birthday clear foil confetti latex adults birthday balloon set. Order the birthday clear foil confetti latex balloon for decoration from your nearest online My Gift Tree store. This balloon set is perfect for birthday party decorations. One pack 60th balloons set included 15 Pcs clear confetti latex balloon. Each balloon size 12" and these balloons are multicolor. One balloon price only £4.99 and more than two balloons only £4.74 (5% off each) Buy also available products 112 Pieces colorful Balloon Arches Garland Kit for Birthday party Decorations.
  1. Themed Foil Party Balloons: The themed foil party balloons perfect for personalized to you. It has 9- and 18-inches white foil heart balloon, 18 inches black foil heart balloon and 18 inches rose foil heart foil balloon. Order foil heart balloon from your nearest online my gift tree shop. The materials of foil balloons high grade aluminum foil. The style is best-selling at home and abroad. This balloon is used for children's toys, baby birthday gifts, baby birthday party decoration. The sizes of foil heart balloon are 18". Buy the foil heart balloon only £4.99.
  1. The Balloon Arches: The Single Arch is formed from single helium-filled latex balloons tied on to a monofilament line. The latex could also be packed closely together or evenly spaced. The arch is often dressed up with a spread of things like ribbons, poufs of tulle netting, or maybe feathers. There are three types of balloon arches given below:
  1. Two-Color: The balloon arches is 12 inches white and gold confetti balloons 100 pcs for Decorate parties or home. Order 100pcs balloons from your nearest Online shop My Gift Tree. The Balloons are highly recommended Non-Toxic and safe. Made of natural latex. Here different combination of colors like Blue and white, blue and gold, white and Gold, With and Golden glitter. The baby blue balloons are used for baby shower, home decoration, the main gate decoration and birthday party decoration. Each balloon weight 3.2gm and 14% to 45%Thicker. These Balloons Filled with air will stay 72hours and filled with Helium will be stay 3 to 4 hours. Each Balloon Price £9.99 and More 2 balloons £9.49(5% off each).
  1. Tri-Color: Here available tri color balloon set such as 112 Pieces colorful Balloon Arches Garland Kit for Birthday party Decorations. Order the colorful balloons from your nearest online My Gift Tree shop. This colorful balloon is used for party decoration and total 112 pcs balloon in different color deafferent sizes. Here includes 70pcs10" white, pink, purple, green balloons and 3pcs 12" pink, purple, green balloons and 10pcs 12" gold confetti balloons. Here 270 pieces holes to make your own balloon arch garland. Buy this colorful balloon only £13.99.
  • Multi-Color: The multi-color balloon set is available in Rainbow Colors Balloon Arch Kit for Party Decoration. Order the rainbow color balloon from your nearest online My Gift tree shop. This rainbow color balloon used for birthday, wedding ceremony, anniversary party decoration. The balloon is made of arch materials. Buy this balloon only £13.99.
  1. The Novelty Balloons:
  2. Emojis: Here many kinds of emojis. Buy this glasses foil emoji smiley face balloon from your nearest online My Gift Tree store. These emoji balloons are perfect for any party’s decoration. The balloon size is 18". The glasses emoji smiley face style balloon yellow color. Buy this emoji foil balloon only £0.99.
  3. Summer-Themed Foil Balloons: Here available in different sizes summer themed foil balloons. Given below details about one product. Order this 33-inch foil swan balloon from your nearest online My Gift Tree shop. This foil swan balloon is the best kids’ birthday gift. This foil swan balloon size is 89cm/ 35 inch. This balloon fills up with air or helium and it's a long-lasting balloon. Buy this foil balloon only £4.99.
  • Children Gifts: Here available many shapes of kids shape balloons. Buy this kids gift foil balloon within reasonable price. Like police shape, school bus foil balloons etc. Order the kids children gift astronaut rocket foil balloon from your nearest online My Gift Tree shop. These balloons are perfect for kids gift and birthday, wedding party decoration. The balloons are inflating with air or helium. Buy this balloon only £2.99.
  1. The Balloon Accessories: The Single Arch is formed from single helium-filled latex balloons tied on to a monofilament line. The latex could also be packed closely together or evenly spaced. The arch is often dressed up with a spread of things like ribbons, poufs of tulle netting, or maybe feathers.
  2. Balloon Pump: The balloon pump is one of the most important part for inflating balloons. It is available in red, green, yellow, pink, blue color. Order this balloon pump within reasonable price £2.99. This is good for balloon, beach ball, air ball, swimming raft compact size, easy to carry and transportation. The mini air pump, made of durable plastic material A necessity of home use and wedding /other parties balloons decoration.
  3. Ribbons: The ribbons are available in White, silver, red, green, purple, pink, golden, yellow, orange color. Buy the 2-meter ribbon for balloon accessories for decorate balloons. The regular price is only £0.99. This ribbon is great for party. These ribbons are great for parties and celebrations.

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